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Plot 4


Ratnas presents interesting game for kids to play and have fun and enjoyment during their play time. This helps in developing eye hand coordination and motor skills of children. Enhances the logical and cognitive skills of children, this game is perfect to be played with friends and family.
Slide the game board half way across the base, raise upright and then gently push down until it clicks into place Players take turn to drop one of their colored counters into the column of their choice The game is won by the first player to create a row of four counters of the same color. The winning line may be arranged horizontally, vertically or diagonally
enhances logical thinking and cognitive skills with dexterity
improves visual skills and hand eye coordination
let you child make the playtime more playfull. and this is sturdy and best for travelling

Develops motor skills, Helps in developing logical and cognitive skills

Weight 200 g
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