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Magic Bean Fingertip Toy


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High-quality Materials: This little magic toy is made of high-quality materials, which are strong, drop-resistant, non-toxic, eco-friendly and durable. Add a color challenge to make friends and children shine.
Easy to Carry: The product can be fixed on the keychain for brainstorming anytime and anywhere. Our products are very smooth and very suitable for you to use as a decompression keychain.
Educational Toy: This toy comes with a spinning ball and a cube. Therefore, this toy can exercise children's hand-eye coordination, concentration, patience, strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.
Parent-child Interaction: You can play with your child. It is a very good parent-child game, which can not only enhance the relationship between you and your children, but also give them a good time.
Decompression Toy: Flexible gameplay. Each bean slot can restore the same color, or two colors of beans cross each other, two beans cross each other, three beans cross each other…find out the secret. Whether it is an adult or a child who is under high pressure at work and study, the spinning ball toy is the perfect relaxation tool. This toy can effectively relax the body and mind.

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