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Computational Wooden Game Montessori


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Wooden Scrabble Toys: Including a wooden pallet, 4 sets of hand-held rotating blocks and 4 movable blocks for letter words. Together with 32 visual word flash cards. Suitable for teaching very basic reading skills.

Durable and durable material: Wooden letter blocks and trays are made of natural wood, non-toxic and safe for children. Larger wooden blocks can prevent the risk of swallowing by children. Spelling cards are durable and easy to use, even in the classroom. Large and colorful printing is an ideal color printing pattern, rounded corners without sharp edges, smooth and without burrs. Even if used for a long time, this spelling letter block is strong and durable.

Foldable literacy card: Put the card into the slot of the wooden pallet, fold the card to cover the characters shown in the picture, and spell out the characters on the wooden block according to the prompt information of the literacy card. Montessori benefit intellectual toys help children develop strategic thinking in the brain and greatly develop their memory skills.

Attract children’s attention: The color matching of children’s learning cards with cute illustrations makes it easier to attract children’s attention. The letter matching game keeps your children away from the screen for a long time. At the same time you have enough free time to do whatever you want.

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