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Write And Wipe Book – Alphabet- Level 1


Wipe and Clean Alphabet Book will support children’s home learning. It will act as a home resource for revising the concepts in a playful manner. The wipe and clean feature of this book will attract children’s attention and they will sit with the book for hours. Through this book, children will develop early literacy skills, cognitive skills and hand to eye co-ordination.

This book will make the process of learning alphabets very smooth. Through this book, children will learn letter recognition, letter formation and word letter association in a fun filled way. Easy to follow dots will guide the children to form the letters. Children can practice writing letters as many time as they want.

Each page has 2 letters along with the pictures associated with each letter. The pictures are carefully selected so that children can easily relate to them. Each picture is labelled which helps to build early literacy in children. The pages of this book are laminated for best user experience.

The best part of this book is that children will never run out of pages for practice and use the book for as long as they have not mastered the skill of writing letters accurately.

Another exciting thing about this book is the wipe and clean pen. Usually, children at this age are allowed to write only with pencil, but they love to explore pen. Through this book, we have tried catering to this curiosity and excitement, so that learning becomes a fun experience.

Weight 300 g


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