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Wooden Clock Construction Puzzle Block


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All their sets surprise with their functionality and developmental properties. An excellent wooden constructor “Clock” is no exception. It is specially designed for toddlers over one and a half years old. Though older children will also find this unique set very interesting. It can become the best first clock constructer in your child’s room.


Details are made of natural wood. Fragments of the clock wooden constructor are smoothly polished and painted with non-toxic lead-free water-based materials. The parts do not emit a strong smell and do not have any chips that can injure the little one. The child will be able to build a wonderful clock from wooden fragments, by which the baby will learn how to determine the time easily and quickly. This watch constructer will be a nice addition of you parent you child in the Montessori methodic.


At the same time a child will remember the basic colours and numbers. The wooden construction set is complemented by a reliable stand, so the finished construction will serve as a wonderful decor for a children’s room.

Key Highlights:

12-piece wooden set
Modern attractive appearance
High quality production
A unique pyramid to be assembled from horizontal bars of different colours
Every bar has one or two numbers
An excellent guide to getting to know the time
All elements are made of natural wood and perfectly polished.
Product Dimension Approx. 18 H x 11 D cm
Suitable for 18 months+
Value for money
Additional information

Introduces the concepts of “minute”, “hour”, time of day.
Teaches to determine the time by the clock.
Forms an idea of the quantitative relations between time intervals: minutes, hours, days.
Promotes the development of space and time perception, thinking, attention.
Enriches vocabulary and develops speech.
24 hours make a day consists, 60 minutes make an hour, 60 seconds make a minute.
Main indicators of the clock are hands that rotate from left to indicate the actual time right and thus.
A day consists of morning, noon, evening, and night.
It is recommended to use this clock as a visual aid in teaching time in kindergarten and school,

Game clock to build in natural wood for small children, is composed of 7 wooden blocks, 2 hands with magnet, plus a base to stack them. Game that introduces the experience of orderly construction and stimulates your baby’s hand eye coordination, encouraging him to know the numbers. Absolutely safe for children and odor-free game, colored with water-based paints.

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 7 cm
Type Of Game

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