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Train Adventure – Mechanical


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Exercise children’s hands-on ability, hand-eye coordination, exercise thinking, develop intelligence and explore science.
Scientific mechanical structure, no battery, and stable structure make it more playable, stable connection will not fall off, and accompany the baby longer.
Different from traditional toys and subversive concepts, children need to operate by themselves, participate more in toys and play heartily.
Improve the fun, broaden the brain, play all kinds of games, let the baby’s brain open and love to play.
You can guide your baby to make toy cars to cross obstacles. Through every challenge, it is very suitable for training and improving children’s sports skills and broadening their thinking!
It can not only improve children’s cooperation ability, but also enhance the relationship between parents and children! It is very suitable for stimulating children’s imagination and improving the team’s ability to solve problems.
Environmentally-friendly, safe and environmentally-friendly ABS materials are strong, fall-resistant and designed safely.

Size – 20 cms lenght and 20 cms breath

Weight 1000 g


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