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Tracing Pattern Board Wooden – each


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Fine Motor Skill Development: Watch as your child’s fine motor skills flourish while they trace along the patterns. Our boards provide an ideal platform for honing hand-eye coordination and precision.
Pre-Writing Practice: Help your little one prepare for writing tasks by allowing them to practice basic strokes and shapes, setting the stage for future writing success.
Creative Expression: Encourage artistic expression as your child personalizes and decorates the patterns, making each tracing uniquely their own.
Cognitive Development: Enhance cognitive skills such as attention to detail, pattern recognition, and problem-solving in a fun and engaging way.
Multisensory Experience: Our boards feature textured surfaces, adding a tactile dimension to learning, perfect for children with sensory sensitivities.
Confidence Building: Boost your child’s confidence and independence as they complete tracing activities at their own pace.

-Random patterns will be sent

Weight 200 g


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