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Tic Tac Toe


[KIDS AND ADULT BOARD GAMES] –Have fun challenging your friends or family with this game of tic-tac-toe. Here we present a beautiful, eco-friendly Fun small tic tac toe kids games and for the whole family board games, it’s is one of the most popular games that is a brilliant addition to any family’s game night. Enjoy hours of fun challenging your friends and family to a feisty game.
[TRAVEL TIC TAC TOE AND COFFEE TABLE SET ]– These board games wooden decor that plays for family games, it’s game room decor with nice appearance will add elegance to any tic tac toe decor on coffee table and desk décor corner. Enjoy a game that’s not only fun but a work of art too.
[HOW TO PLAY]-Tic Tac is a game of 2 players , ‘x’ and ‘o’. the player starting first always starts with ‘x’ by placing it into any of the 9 slots on the board .
The next player then places a’ o’ in any of the remaining 8 slots. like wise the ‘x’ s nd on the board in order to make a row of 3 in al line. the player who is the to place three ‘x’ s ‘o’ s in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row wins the game .for the next game the turn is rotated and the second player now gets ‘x’s and the first chance to play
[FEATURES]- Develops logical thinking and expands analytical abilities, improves visualizing abilities ,widens planning and strategy skills

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