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The Young Scientist – Set 3


THE YOUNG SCIENTIST SET – 3 Stars | Planets | Forces Become a young scientist & experience this Electrifying Set ! 3 Complete Kits | Multiple Experiments | Hours of Hands on Fun This set is Imaginative as it is fascinating. Young Scientists create a star fact book, construct a constellation box, make a telescope, create planet fact book, make a poster of our solar system, discover the planets by creating a mobile of the solar system, explore gravity, momentum, centrifugal force, and Newton’s three laws of motions!. That all will keep young scientists captivated for hours. Contents : 25 Note Cards 2 Metal Rings Red Cellophane Rubber Band 2 Sheets of Star Chart 2 Magnifying Glass Black Paint a peice of poster board 2 Peices of black construction paper various peices of colored paper chalk 2 Rulers Marble 2 Toy Cars Peice of sand paper 2 Straws Small Plastic Ball Balloon Long Peice of String Short Peice of String clothespin paper clip 7 round coins 3 Guide Books of Stars, Planets & Forces For Ages 8+ This is a Science Kit – A part of one of the Three Young Scientist Kits available with us. It helps your kid to learn the basics of Science by doing some in home experiments & learning about the various laws of science.

Weight 1000 g


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