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The Young Scientist – Set 1


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The young scientist set. Become a young scientist and experience this electrifying set. Amaze and surprise your friends with 101 coolest science experiments. This set is imaginative as it is fascinating. Young scientists shape magnetic fields, construct a magna doodle, learn about convex mirrors, concave mirrors, reflections, explore electricity by using balloons, light bulb holder, wires, make electromagnet, one eyed monster, circuit maze, bounce an egg, grow a stalactite, create invisible ink, take a part a floppy disk, make an under water volcano, back ice cream and gross yourself out with home made boogers. That all will keep young scientists captivated for hours. Contents magnifying glass ring magnet bar magnet horseshoe magnet light bulb light bulb holder light wires iron fillings lodestone styrofoam plate aluminium foil multiple pieces of cardboard anti static sheet ruler Straw balloons paper clips straight mirror carbon paper clear plastic sheet and fun illustrated 101 experiments booklet. For ages 8+ This is a science kit – a part of one of the three young scientist kits available with us. It helps your kid to learn the basics of science by doing some in home experiments and learning about the various laws of science.

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