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Sports Cars Single



  • Push and Go: The push and go feature of these cars makes them incredibly easy to operate. Children simply need to give them a gentle push, and they will zoom forward, stimulating their gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Two Way Friction Powered: These cars feature a versatile two-way friction powered mechanism. This means that children can not only make the cars zoom forward but also enjoy the excitement of watching them go in reverse. These push and go cars operate without the need for batteries. Children can enjoy uninterrupted playtime without interruptions or delays due to battery replacements.
  • High Speed: These cars are designed for high-speed, allowing children to experience the excitement of racing and competition. The fast-paced movement of the cars adds an element of exhilaration and keeps children engaged and entertained. The push and go cars are equipped with non-slip smooth rubber tires, providing excellent traction.
  • Cool Design: These cars are made with a super cool and eye-catching look that immediately grabs children’s attention. The bright and colorful shades make them even more visually appealing.
Weight 250 g


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