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Rainbow Wooden Montessori Full set


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natural wood, non toxic, eco friendly, wood pattern, wooden


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-All of the paints used in our products are harmless to health and EN 71-3 certified.

Composed of oversized Wooden Rainbow, Rainbow Semicircles, Rainbow Building Boards and Peg dolls, these wooden materials are a great educational game for toddlers and babies, a nice gift and decor.


Wooden Rainbow Stacker

It is a beautiful 12-piece wooden stacking and open-ended toy painted to reflect the colors of the rainbow.

These rainbow shaped wooden stacking toys are a great toy for stacking, building bridges and building together.

Wooden Rainbow Size : 12,8×5,9×2″ (300 x 150 x 50 mm)


Rainbow Semicircles

Young children can get a lot of different images and structures with 11 semi¬† circles. They will get many structures with these different colored circles. Size: Each board is 0.3″ (6 mm) thick and between 3.5-11.8″ (90mm-300 mm) long – 11 pcs.


Rainbow Building Boards

Includes 11 wooden Building Boards. Wooden Rainbow and Rainbow Semicircles form a wonderful unity. Children will make Bridges, Houses and wonderful roads with these woods. Kids will be able to build many wonderful and colorful games with these wooden blocks.

Size: Each board is 0.3″ (6 mm) thick and between 3.5-11.8″ (90mm-300 mm) long – 11 pcs.


Rainbow Peg Dolls

Rainbow Peg Dolls

12 colored friends. Kids will love colours, counting and building games with these beautiful dolls. Made of natural wood, Pegler is painted with N71 certified paints. Size: 2,7″(70mm)

Weight 1000 g


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