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Play Doh -(Pack of 12)


Safe for children
Soft and smooth
Shape moulds for better grip & control

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Play Doh helps kids develop their motor movements, improve their dexterity and stimulate their imagination with colourful, creative play. Without doubt, it is an exciting gift option for any toddler. Get a variety of Imagi-Doh modelling compound for your little ones to make amazing creations! As a unique feature, you get the biggest variety of colours to express and inspire a lids creative instincts. They can make all kinds of brightly coloured shapes with the different colours of specially designed Imagi-Doh modelling compound in this pack. It’s a colourful pack manufactured in world’s most specialised Doh manufacturing and mould making facilities across the world, with technology to ensure kids safety and colour blending with each other to give new colours

Weight 750 g


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