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Paper Quilling Advanced Set


Package Includes: Advanced Quilling Book, Quilling Needle, Background Cards, 5mm Quilling Strips (400), Dome, Crimper, Plucker, Flower Making, Flower Making and Earing Raw Material
This set contains automated quilling tool, quilling board + Jewelry Making Kit,Pursuing creative activities with children is a healthy way to help them grow and learn Creative activities engage a child’s imagination and inspire his thoughts and perceptions
Create wonderful greeting cards, earrings, necklace and much more for near and dear with this combo pack.
Advanced Paper Quilling and Jwellery kits for Kids hobby, scrapbooking and DIY activities Perfect Gift for Craft lovers.
DIY Art and Craft Quilling Kit with 400 Quilling sheets,4 Sheets, 3-D Shaping Tool, Corrugated Paper winder, Tool Template work board, Role Paper Rule, Jewellery Making with Help Booklet.

Weight 650 g


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