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NoteBook Bottle


It can be used for camping, gym, tennis, yoga and Pilates.
Designed to provide fast water flow, you’ll quench your thirst in SECONDS! Thanks to its sleek mouth, you can fill up your bottle with your refreshing drink of choice, without wasting a single drop! Slim, lightweight and elegant, our 430 ml bottle is your No.1 choice for perfect hydration while at the office, school, gym, or exploring the outdoors.
Designed to slip into your briefcase, purse, lunchbox or sports bag, this water bottle takes up minimal space and creates No bulge or sagging! Featuring a leak proof lid, you’ll never have to worry about any accidents, spills or leaks that would soak through the contents of your bag.
Ideal for travelling , Office , School , Colleges , Outdoor Activities , Sports , Gym, Hip Flask , Flasks, Fruit , Vegetable Juice Bottle, Sipper water bottle

-Random colour will be sent

Weight 500 g


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