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Mushroom Nails Plus Gear wooden Puzzle Montessori Toys


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This mushroom pegboard game is a child-friendly game designed for preschoolers to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and creative thinking. The pegs are thick and wide to make it easy for little hands to hold and play. All your child has to do is matching and clasping these pegs to complete the flashcard pictures. The pictures include the images of car, whale, turtle, pig, monkey, giraffe and more, all perfect for little ones to learn how to use their creativity. This isn’t just a toy for the season-as they get older, use this to train their sorting, counting, and coloring skills while having fun.

This toy also comes with 5 gears. Children can use their imagination to place them anywhere on the peg board to create a linking structure. This will train the child’s spatial imagination and logical thinking skills.

You can also leave nothing on the board and put pins together to make any pattern you want.

No need an extra storage box, cause the pegs can be stored in the wooden base. To let your baby enjoy it all the time, the washable pegs can be cleaned easily after playing.

Package Dimensions ‎25.4 x 24.89 x 5.84 cm

Weight 1000 g


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