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moon ball


  •  bouncy balls for kids is made of high-quality solid elastic material. Spaceballs are the most bouncy super bouncy balls available.super high bouncing ball can pop up tens of meters high when hit on the hard ground. The high bouncing ball feels like it’s being catapulted far into space.But don’t worry about finding space balls kids. Due to the bright colors, the super bouncing ball is easy to find no matter how far it bounces.
  •  The bouncy ball will produce a unique sound when it hits the ground. The gravity ball has a very rich sound. Spike balls combine durability and quality! Super bouncy ball sound effects add extra excitement and fun to the bouncing ball experience.The banging sound made by the space ball toy, and its special decompression, make people unable to help but keep hitting the hard ground! Make bouncing balls kids keep bouncing.
  • [Starry sky design] The surface of the foam ball is designed with pits like a planet, making it easy to grasp and catch. At the same time, the playground ball helps improve hand-eye coordination and can also be used by athletes as a sports training ball. This is also a great sensory ball for kids.Space bouncy balls can be played at home, in classrooms and in hard cement places. Using the elasticity of space balls extreme high bouncing ball, you can fully enjoy the fun of large bouncy balls.
  • The super bouncy ball measures 2.7 inches and weighs only 0.1 pounds, making it easy to carry. Children’s balls are suitable for indoor and outdoor sports and various occasions. Everyone loves super bouncy balls because bouncy balls for kids are soft enough not to hurt anything they hit. Also, due to the irregular pattern of the bouncing balls, super bounce bouncy balls don’t always bounce straight up, which means kids have to be alert about where they bSay goodbye to small spin balls and old gravity balls. The new sensory balls for baby appeal to people of all ages, from toddlers and children to adults; they are even loved by dogs,(Since the fun bouncy balls for kids are made of foam, if your pet bites hard, it may break the fun bouncy balls for kids).making them ideal as Christmas, birthday parties and classroom gifts for children. Makes a great gift for your Friends and Loved Ones.
Weight 200 g


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