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Hammer Knock Ball Wood


Features & details
Brightly coloured, smooth-sanded pieces help build early shape, colour, and size differentiation skills
Hammer Ball will help develop gross & fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and concentration inanition of relieving stress
When the balls have been hammered in all the way they roll back out, ready to start the fun all over again
Hammer Ball helps your Toddler to recognise different colours and match them with well made attractive and colourful balls and enhances wrist strength
Made of wood with safe and non-toxic materials. Package includes: 1 x Wooden Hammering Toy Set (include 1 wooden shelf, 4 ball, 1 hammer)


Whack the ball and watch it disappear!
Children will love pounding the ball and watch it roll down and around, from top to bottom – again and again, with the Wooden Hammer Ball Game.

This game is an exciting and interesting game, great for helping toddlers develop a solid sense of hand-eye coordination: Firstly, by hitting the balls through the holes with the wooden hammer, then by following the ball with their eyes as it travels on its journey to the bottom. Young children will be taken in by the Pound N Roll game’s regularly shaped platforms painted in vibrant primary colours, and parents will appreciate the game’s timeless wooden charm.

We’ve taken the classic pounding toy to new heights! Knock the four brightly coloured balls through the holes, then watch and listen as they roll down the ramps. Sturdy wooden hammer included. Package includes: 1 x Wooden Hammering Toy Set (include 1 wooden shelf, 4 balls, 1 hammer)

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 11 × 6.5 × 11 cm
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