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Glow in Dark Blanket (170 * 180 cms)- Space


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1. Expression of Love: We designed Glow in The Dark Space Blanket to inspires and encourage young students’ curiosity and love for nature and the universe. Let the children enjoy the magical light in the dark, add joy to the night, no longer fear the dark, and also accompany parents’ love for their children. Parental love is a kind of nutrition. Love is like sun shine and water, indispensable to the healthy growth of children
2. Suitable For All Scenes And Seasons: It is suitable for watching TV on the sofa, napping on the sofa, using it in the car seat, or as a playmat, travel blanket while reading in bed. Lightweight fleece is ideal for summer and winter bedrooms, dorms, children’s and toddler rooms, motorhomes, cabins and holiday homes. It can be used as a thicker sheet in winter, an air conditioner quilt in summer, and a nap blanket in spring and fall.
3. How to Make It Glow: Glowing blankets can inspires kids with fun ideas. Imagine how excited your kids will be when they see their blanket glow at night, making them feel like they’re in a mysterious magical world. The unique design of the blanket is that it glows in the dark, which is fun and mysterious. Just 15 to 20 minutes of light a day can create at least 6 hours of beautiful glow.
4. Space Kids Gift: As a unique gift for boys and girls kids, the glow-in-the-dark cute items space blanket can light up the stars at night, for teens, whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, or any other party supplies to surprise.

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