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FUNNY BUNNY LINKS (Quality Guaranteed)


MATERIAL : Funny Bunny Link for kids is made from non-toxic, harmless, high-quality, and durable plastic. The toy comes with rounded edges to prevent injury.
LONGEVITY : This Funny Bunny Link is a standout toy for its quality and is 100% Made in India.
INTRACTIVE : Links which interlink and create interesting combinations. Helps promote creativity & coordination. Keeps the child occupied for hours.
PRODUCT SPECIFICATION : Measures 24.5×14.24.5cm.For age 0-2yrs.
FOR KIDS :  will surprise and delight your young family. The toy that is both safe and durable, as well as fun and educational, that will undoubtedly bring joy. INDOOR & OUTDOOR : Kids can play at any time and in any location because the toy is lightweight and easy to transport indoor or out.

Weight 1000 g


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