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Fruit Dominoes Wooden – 28 pcs


The Fruitominoes Game!!! A little bit of fruit a day keeps the doctor away!

Believe it or not, toddlers love the beautiful pictures printed on their toys. Featured here is a set of rectangular dominos with colourful fruit pictures atop. Every piece of domino comes with two illustrations, so kids may develop their hand-eye coordination by joining pictures of the same type amongst the pile. What’s more, you can teach your beloved one to pack the pieces tidily inside the slide-open box.

Perfect for preschool kids, Fruit Dominoes is in a child-friendly format and the original artwork is cute, cute, cute. Little ones match the fruit cards together until no more matches can be made. It’s fun to play! And remember, A little bit of fruit a day keeps the doctor away!!! For 2 – 4 players.

It takes the classic dominoes played by generations of families and puts a fresh, fruity twist on it. These toys can increase the baby’s visual recognition, hands and feet coordination, creativity, imagination, the ability to explore the world. Play with these free printable fruit dominoes – a great kid’s game.

Material: wood Rectangular dominos. Flat silhouette makes it easy to lift. Each piece features 2 fruits Packs all dominos in the roomy box to save space.

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High quality with excellent workmanship to improve the intelligence
Develops children’s hand-eye coordination and stimulates thinking through logic coordination and cultivate creative thinking
Inspire child’s imagination and broaden their eyes in in the process of yourselves DIY assembled to learn a new way to understand and perceive the world
Classic and fun game for preschoolers or children
Safe and Non-toxic materials

Weight 200 g
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