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Floating Ball Game Wooden


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Let s Go Back to our Traditional era of Toys and Games when we used to add Playing with Science and Nature. Bring Home Floating Ball Game Stress Reliever Magic Desi Wooden Toy Kit for Children. This Toy Kit includes one Blowing Wooden Pipe and two Foam Balls. Blow the wind in the wooden pipe and the ball on the top of the Wooden Ring will float in the air. The aim of the game is to balance the ball in the air and to keep it Floating by blowing air in the Wooden Pipe. It helps to develop Concentration and Balance. The one who balances the ball in the air for longer time wins the game. Your Kids can play this game along with their Friends and Siblings. It can also be played by the Adults as it results as a good stress reliever. Best for Fun and Party Games. It can be played Anytime and Anywhere.

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