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DIY Paint Gypsum – Merry Christmas


High Quality Toys: This set of painted gypsum dolls is easy to make and paint. 6 kinds of pigments are environmentally friendly, healthy and bright in color. It is very suitable for children’s long time entertainment. Two kinds of brushes with different tips meet the requirements. High-quality paste powder is fast forming, good texture, smooth and no impurities.
Easy to use: Pour the water into the lime powder in proportion. pour the mixed lime powder into the mold. When the lime mold is half dry, scrape off the excess lime to make it smooth. Paint it your favorite color. After the lime is dry, stick the magnet. Beautiful fridge magnets are done.
Specially Designed for Children: This 3D plaster model toy is designed to exercise hand eye coordination, stimulate children’s imagination and creativity, and is suitable for children over 6 years old. It attracts children’s attention for several hours, keeps away from electronic products and protects their eyes. This plaster model set is a great gift for New Year, Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and other holiday gifts.

Weight 1000 g


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