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DIY Dinosaur Painting Kit


Dinasaur Egg Set comes with 1 Dinosaur Model Figure,3 Colour Palette,1 Brush and 2 Colour Dino Eggs.Kids Can use thier Skils and Imaginations and can paint the dino with Different Colours. It comes with 2 Dino Eggs. Keep the Dino eggs in water for about 36-48 hours, eggshell starts cracking, and the Animals starts hatching out from a random part of egg-which will be a big surprise.Let the egg stay in the water for another 24Hrs.The size of the animal would have increased to 2.5-3.5cms (In between, do not take out the animal from the water). It is the best option for kids dinosaur project- Have fun watching a growing baby dinosaur break out of its own egg!

Weight 300 g


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