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Dancing Cactus


【Electronic Dancing Cactus Toy】- Singing Plush Toy Cactus with Lighting & Recording Function.
【 Personalized Toy 】- This plush cactus plant toy can dance to the rhythm, can sing 120 songs,Repeat, sing, dance, record, and shine. It is suitable for people of all ages.
【 Repeat Cactus Toy/Dancing Cactus Toy 】- Sings Multiple Cheery Songs, Repeats What You Say, Recording – This cactus plant toy can dance with the rhythm of the Song. Great gift, cactus plush toys are the best holiday and birthday gifts for children
The toy can dance, sing, move, turn around. Record What You Say & Repeat, Rechargeable Battery, Multicolor Lights etc. Children’s attention will be aroused and joyness will be brought to them.
Cactus plush toys are the Excellent holiday, surprise and birthday gifts for children. The best present for youngsters. Adults can also decompress.

Weight 1000 g


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