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Class Monitor – Logic Kit


PROMOTES HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT – An Activity Box that inspires creativity, and critical thinking and boosts IQ.
ENHANCES FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS – Sharpens your child’s logical and reasoning skills.
PLAY-BASED LEARNING RESOURCES – Reusable material, interesting worksheets, story cards, and fun board games for concept clearing.
DESIGNED BY INDUSTRY EXPERTS – A well-researched collection of worksheets, activities, and language learning for the best learning outcome.
Package Contents – 1) Logic Puzzles 2) 25 Riddles 3) 24 Visual Discrimination Activities 4) 9 Decoding Activities 5) 9 Crossword Puzzles + Brain Development Word Games 6) Tangram Puzzles 7) 100+ Letter Tiles for Word Games 8) Reusable Score Card 9) Reusable Word Card 10) Kid Friendly Matchstick box 11) Bold Maker
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