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Class Monitor-Learning kit (Playgroup)


EXPERIENTIAL ACTIVITIES – With Visual, & Hands-On Play – Activate Your child’s Fine Motor, Cognitive Skills, & And unleash their inner genius.Colorful worksheets and self-learning Stimulate Your child’s natural photographic memory resulting in better learning retention.
BUILDS CONFIDENCE – Lifetime confidence starts with a strong learning base when inculcated during early childhood. Our activities allow parents to spend quality time with their children, increasing the parent-child bond.
ENGAGING FUN & GAMES – Gamified learning approach with interactive activities, making the learning process fun. Flashcards and worksheets come on a 300 GSM, a non-tearable paper that lasts all year long.
SELF-PACED LEARNING – Our self-paced learning programs are designed to allow a child to learn at their own pace, by exploring, learning, revisiting, and reinforcing concepts.
PACKAGE CONTENTS – Alphabets, 1-10 Numbers, Fruits and Vegetables, Basic Shapes and Colors, Transportation, Preschool Rhymes and Preschool Stories for Toddlers, 300+ Worksheets for Playgroups, DIY Activities, Games for Toddlers, Early Learning Flashcards, Brain Activities, Rhymes and Stories for Toddlers, Posters & Stationery Pouch. Keeps children away from the screen for hours through the most easy and fun way.


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