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Candy Sand Aqua


PREMIUM QUALITY: It is the premium Sand game. Sand is dust free and smooth and is of premium quality. It is more fun when its wacky. Pack it, pull it, shape it, and love it, This Sand is so incredible you cannot put it down.
CREATE ANY SHAPE: It flows through your fingers like a slow-moving liquid but leaves your hands completely dry. Shape anything you want and use it repeatedly.
HELPS IN SKILL DEVELOPMENT: This sand art kit from Toyshine will improve creativity of your kids. Let the kids think, let them play. It will work on the eye hand coordination and imagination of your kids. Just think of shape and mold it.
EASY TO CLEAN: Easy to clean no mess, Bring the beach indoors. Sand stays clumped, Let the kids think & play.’
CONTENTS: 50 Ice Cream Sticks, 500 Grams Sand (250gx2), 2 Aqua Molds, 1 Tube Fevicol & 1 Inflatable Tray.

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Candy Sand Aqua, Smooth and Non-Sticky for Kids, Assorted Color- Made in India

Weight 840 g
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