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Cake Cutting With Cutlery


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Food Items like Cake, Cookies, Cup Cake, Toast, Ice Cream, Soft Drink
Cake is divided in parts with tape inside to bring the two parts closer so that when the child uses the toy knife to cut the food, it is broken in two slices
This set not only helps a child indulge in endless hours of role-play but also helps a child learn how to host the perfect pizza party
This incredible pizza set includes all the utensils including a classic Italian pizza.

he provided CakeToy is not too hard for the kids to cut or slice them up, as joined by tape, but challenging enough to separate the pieces into halves and practice early fractions.
REALISTIC LOOKING: The kitchen toys include a full assortment of plastic play food in bright colors. Highly realistic.
Pretend play Plastic food toys
Recommended Age-3 Years

Weight 700 g
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