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Button It Right


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Contains 1 button board – this sturdy unbreakable board is made from 100 percent virgin plastic, colored buttons. The buttons have absolutely smooth edges, making them ideal for the hands of little children, picture cards, 8 water proof sheets with large punched holes (ideal for use by little ones) creativity card, 1 sheet: this plain sheet with punched holes is perfect for making innovative patterns and helping your child create his or her own designs. How to play: first place the button board on a flat surface. Then pack the picture card of your choice and place it on the button board. The holes on the card should match perfectly with the holes in the board underneath. Now guide your child to match the color of the holes and the colored buttons, that is, the free button goes into the hole in the green part of the picture; red buttons, on the red part and so on. The picture is complete when all holes on the picture card have been filled with matching buttons. Encourage your little one to create imaginative designs by mixing the various colored buttons.

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