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Pictionary Party (Blue)


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Pictionary The Game of Quick Draw Board Game

Pictionary The Game of Quick Draw
Suitable for Ages 12+ / Teams 2-4

Package Includes:
1 x Pictionary Game (brand new in box – sealed but sometimes supplied without film wrapping)

Ideal for:
Pictionary is the classic board game where you’ve got to draw to win. You and your team try to guess various words and phrases by sketching clues to each other.

Play against the clock and others in a race to sketch your way around the board drawing people places animals objects actions and some things you cannot even imagine how to draw. Land on “all play” and everyone gets a go!

You dont have to be an artist to play all that’s needed is a little imagination and a fast pencil!

Despite the overwhelming number of games we own, the other night after dinner we went looking for a quick and easy game the whole family could enjoy. We wanted a game we could all enjoy without choosing among our three kids’ favorites (and therefore causing someone to have a total meltdown and end the fun for everyone)

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