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All In 1 Home Supermarket Play Set


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The toy supermarket set includes a two-piece toy table, which is a piece of table that has a cash register and coffee maker and other shop equipment, and the other piece is an arched table on which there are various facilities and equipment. Put the store up for sale.
•The main table has a glass door shelf that can be opened by hand and is a place to put things. The box is also attached to the table and can be rotated 360 degrees. The calculator connected to the box also has sound. The coffee maker next to the table is also one of the interesting parts of this toy set, which has a handle with the ability to move it up and down. A paper cup can be placed inside it and played with it like a coffee shop. There is also a piece to put cash and coins in this toy set. You can also use a credit card to buy.
•The side table has an arch on which there is also a place to place chocolate and a candy hanger, each of which is enough to make the toy more beautiful. In total, there are 52 pieces in this set, all of which can be placed on the table and played. All these parts are made of high quality cardboard and plastic and have a very good color scheme. The table and utensils themselves are made of high quality plastic. This table is about 92 cm long and about 79 cm high, which is the height or shelves on the table.
•All the parts are not assembled inside the box and with a simple practical command, this toy store set can be assembled. Children three years of age and older are the main audience for this toy and it is designed for this age group to play. Buying this toy can give the child a sense of confidence and interact with other children to be a social person in the future
Includes a large arched table
•Has a toy store cash register
•Has a battery-powered card reader with lights
•Ability to rotate the box 360 degrees
•Has 52 different pieces
•Fruit, candy, cans, envelopes and all other items
•Has cash. Coins and credit cards
•Quality and first-class plastic
•Power supply 2 batteries
•Suitable toy for people over 3 years old

For with cart:

This supermarket is a great role play game set toy for children.
•Children can play with it for hours and hours.
•It is a beautiful bright and colorful, with lots of lovely fruit accessories.
•It is a wonderful gift.
•This item should be used under the direct supervision of an adult at all time.
•The guardian is responsible for the child’s health and safety in all circumstance.
•Children’s Toy supermarket stall and Shopping.
•Kids set that includes basket, food and bottles – over 40 items
•Suitable for age 3+ years and up due to small parts
•Fun Role Play Supermarket with Check-out Counter & Shelves
•Also includes groceries and much more
•Great for early learning & child development with light and soun

Weight 3500 g
Dimensions 82 × 49 × 42 cm
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